10/23 「What is Keitai?」WS実施報告

2010年10月23日(土)、文京シビックセンター21階 会議室にて、「ケータイってなんだろう」ワークショップを実施しました。このワークショップは、文京区と東京大学の連携プロジェクト「文の京大なる学び」のシリーズの一環であり、KDDI研究所と情報学環の共同研究チームによって進められたものです。
On Oct 23rd, 「What is Keitai?」 workshop was held at the 21st floor’s meeting room of civic center of Bunkyo district office. As a part of a co-project of Bunkyo district and the University of Tokyo, MoDe research team in cooperation with KDDI R&D Labs designed and conducted the workshop.
The basic program of the workshop was following Mode’s “Keitai storytelling WS“, however, we introduced a set of mini lectures before and after the storytelling activity so that participants will be able to reflect mobile phones in both dimension of culture and technology. Dozens of Bunkyo district residents participated in the workshop. To our surprise, the majority of participants was senior citizens in their 70’s which was beyond our imagination.
Prof. Mizukoshi opened with introduction and explanation of workshop program, then Yonnie Kim made a short lecture on mobile phones in foreign countries. Then participants divided to groups of 5~6 persons, illustrated their own experiences surrounding keitai. Then, they moved to a photo booth and had a single part of their keitai taken a picture, which describes their own story well. Overall presentation was followed. After this activity, Mr. Niida Sumaru made a final lecture on technological issue of mobile phones.
Because of the demographic of participants, the storytelling remarkably tends to relate to inconvenience of terminal or misunderstanding of its function, etc. Since many activities regarding keitai have focused on youths’ usages, media usage of senior people have been rarely addressed so far. In this sense, the workshop was very meaningful in consideration of the future of information society.
(報告:金ヨニ/ reported by Yonnie Kim)

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