11/19 Mode held a presentation at CEAD@NZ

Kyounghwa Yonnie Kim, a member of MoDe, had a presentation at Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines held in Hamilton, New Zealand on 19 November. The title of presentation was “An “insider’s view” in media studies: Case analysis of performance ethnography in mobile media studies” where the methodological achievement of MoDe project was reported as a new interdisciplinary approach in media studies.
[Presentation abstract] One of emerging issues in media studies is how to develop an integral methodology to describe a digital media phenomenon, whereas conventional methods such as a large-scaled survey and statistical analysis encounter difficulties in their attempts to address multiply contexts of the use of digital devices. This paper reflects on performance ethnography as a methodological perspective to investigate digital media, looking specially at the cultural practices of mobile technology. After a brief discussion on recent attempts to introduce new approaches in investigating multimodal and highly personalized mobile media, this paper will present case analysis of performance ethnography workshops conducted in MoDe project. Finally it will suggest an emic framework, that is to say, “insider’s view” as a possible new perspective in media studies, thus, to clarify potential contribution of performance ethnographic methods to the study of digital media.
(reported by Yonnie Kim)

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