3/25 TV/mobile creative workshop in the University of Tokyo

On the 25th March 2011, Alexandre Fleury, a visiting graduate student from Aalborg University in Denmark, organized a workshop investigating the convergence between television and mobile phone. Twelve participants first explored what makes the two devices important to them by: Pointing at the emotions they would experience without a TV and a mobile phone; associating adjectives to each device; and naming functions they felt was essential for each device.
The participants then generated creative scenarios involving their own experiences from both media. By integrating the functions they identified previously into unusual real life situations, the scenarios illustrated not only what makes the two media so vital to modern life but also how to use them simultaneously.
Furthermore, the participants merged their personal scenarios in groups, creating more elaborated stories involving TV and mobile. The groups then acted out their story, enabling reflection and feedback from all workshop attendees and facilitators.
When asked simply, the most important functions of TV and mobile phone mentioned are unsurprisingly related to accessing information and communicating with peers. However, it is interesting to study how these basic functions gradually evolve when transposed to unusual setups. If some functions keep their original purpose, some become insights of what may be the future of converged media. Finally, it should be noted that during the workshop, all group performances referred to an emergency or tragic situation. This unfortunately illustrates the timing of the workshop, only 2 weeks after the disaster of March 11th.
(Reported by Alexandre Fleury)

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