9/24 “Performance ethnography of mobile phones in Shanghai” WS

Yonnie Kim, a member of Mode, conducted “Performance ethnography of mobile phones in Shanghai” workshop on Sep 24 in Shanghai. Eight Chinese youngsters in their twenties participated in the workshop held in urban area of the city.
shanghai1.jpgThe workshop was consist of two parts. The first part of activities was a storytelling about experiences surrounding their own mobile phones, whose detailed program is originally from “My keitai storytelling WS” of Mode. Accordingly, participants in Shanghai asked to choose a single part of their own mobile phones and then had a presentation about their choice. shanghai2.jpg
The second part was “Acting a typical mobile landscape of Shanghai”, the cross-cultural revision of “Acting a typical mobile landscape of Seoul” WS in 2009. Participants finally made two short skits about a mobile landscape of Shanghai, where an enthusiasm to savor mobile entertainment was well described.
(Reported by Yonnie Kim)

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