“My keitai story telling” with students of Kansai Uni

On Sep 10, we had a session with 19 visiting students from Kansai University. A mini-workshop titled “My keitai story telling” is a program addressing keitai as an object to talk about, not to talk with.
Students are asked to choose a single most impressive objet from their own keitai, to produce it as a piece of digital image, and finally to talk about why they choose it as an objet. The chosen objets varied from a flaw of the keitai body, to an image of standby screen or a copy of text message from a close person. Students told us about the individual experiences about their objet, therefore, came out with the hidden intimate episodes involving keitai.
Activities were very inspiring and easy to implement as well as lots of fun. We would like to develop this activity as an introductory unit of a more comprehensive workshop program of mobile media in the future.
(reported by Yonnie Kim)

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