Here we go ! Website opens

Finally, Ars Electronica 2008 has opened in Linz, Austria !
“Keitai Trail !: Mobile Movie Workshop” by Media Exprimo has also started both in downtown areas of the city and in the salon at 1st floor, Kunstuniversitat Hauptplaz where campus 08 of the University of Tokyo has exhibited.
Now you can access the website, “Online Keitai Trail !” grasp the blue picture of this workshop, enjoy mobile movies which have taken by general citizen and artists along time line. Although the website shows only simple contents and does not show you hole the interactive presentations in the real salon, they are very happy if you click HERE.
Even though simple contents, I believe you will be surprise at the variety of mobile items people have, the variety of people’s ways of story telling about those items. I think we can reflect on our mobile culture by this playful media play workshop.
 メディア・エクスプリモが取り組む「ケータイ・トレール!:モバイル・ムービー・ワークショップ」も本日から、リンツ市内の街角と、東京大学が開催するキャンパス08の会場があるKunstuniversitat Hauptplatz(発音できん・・・)1階のサロンではじまります。

by Keitai Trail ! team
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    公開日時: 2008/09/05 - 03:12 | パーマリンク

    Dear Everyone in Linz,
    Maybe you are wearing Japanese Kimono and walking around the cozy Linz now.
    I wish all the best for all of you from Japan.
    And I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming mobile movies from the participants. ^^
    Best Regards,


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