Two Presentations of “Keitai Trail !”

“Keitai Trail !” and campus 08 of Ars Electronica 2008 has been successfully enjoyed by many many people, 450 people in September 4th, 785 in 5th, and 1450 in 6th ! Thank you so much for your coming.
In the salon of Kunstuniversitat Hauptplatz, there are two kind of visual presentations of “Keitai Trail !”.
One is “Movieshow Keitai Trail !”. They continuously and simultaneously projected 4 mobile movies at one screen. Each mobile movie consists of 15 second movie message and a thumbnail photograph of mobile object. The intelligent support system of “Keitai Trail !” chooses those mobile movies automatically from the archives. New mobile movie has first priority to be projected.
Another one is “Timeline Keitai Trail !”. They put each movie message as an icon along time line. Movie messages are connected by the same adjective or the same adjectival discription. If people click the icon, there is a pop up window of its thumbnail photograph of people’s mobile object, then mobile movie message about the story of it. This presentation is an interactive one. People who finds their own mobile objects and wants to attach their stories to the presented ones can be taken by mobile movie kit at the salon. Their message is able to be up and presented very soon.

by Keitai Trail ! team
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