7/23 Keitai workshop with children in Hiroshima

On July 23rd, MoDe participated in a keitai workshop for kids in Hiroshima, a children’s keitai literacy program as part of an educational activities of Children Community net, an NPO in Hiroshima. Yonnie Kim, a member of MoDe participated in the whole process of planning, implementing and facilitating activities, in cooperation with Prof. Yukata Iida of Fukuyama University and Yumiko Takamiya, an activist of Community of the Culture with and for Children in Fukuoka.
In the workshop, kids were divided into groups of 3 or 4 and worked together by groups. After having given a keitai by each groups for their own investigation, kids were assigned to find as many as functions that it has, to draw each of them as a simple illustration on paper cards, then to place cards in a big paperboard. After the activity, a brief presentation time was set to explain what they found about keitai in front of other groups. Then, in the second part of the activities, kids had to think and imagine what functions they wish to have in their own keitai in the future. In the same fashion of the first activity, they expressed what they thought as a simple illustration on paper cards, to place cards in a big paperboard, and finally to explain in front of other groups.
Among children who participated in the workshop, some had their own keitai whereas others had not, however, activities of the workshop were so simple that every children could easily participate. The workshop was successful in a sense that kids can think, find, understand keitai for their own in a voluntary and creative way.
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(Written by Yonnie Kim)

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