Sept.8, Presentation at Campus Talk

On the late afternoon of September 8th, Kiyoko Toriumi and Jun Abe of Media Exprimo did a presentation about “Keitai Trail !” and other activities of Media Exprimo at the Campus Talk of the University of Tokyo in Brucknerhaus. Though there were not so many people because they had to reserve for it, their presentation was a quite successful one. Yes, they did it with Japanese classical travel costume ! It was just fantastic.
Waiting for their presentation…
Putting on “Zori”, Japanese traditional straw sandals.
Audience were very much interested in their presentation. Talk a lot !
At the same day, Kosuke Numa and Sumaru Niida had collected around 40 movie messages of people’s story telling of “mobile”. You can check out them at “Online Keitai Trail !”.
Well, Ars Electronica almost finished. September 9th is the last day. Enjoy it !

by Keitai Trail ! team
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