Engawa Workshop (2008)
1 photo storytelling on the theme of “環(wa: circle)” by participants from the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo and people visited the Hongo campus
Toyama Photo Senryu (2010)
Photo Senryu(senryu:a satirical seventeen-syllable poem) making project with Tulip-tv Inc. in Toyama
AIUEO Gabun ~weave the memories of community~ (2011)
“AIUEO Gabun” here is a storytelling by 3 photos and 3 sentences. A project collaborating with Bunkyo-ward office and Tokyo Cable Network Inc.
●Media Conte
MediaConte: digital storytelling
MediaConte’s official website
●Keitai Trail&Nebula
Online Keitai Trail ! (2008)
Online site of “Keitai Trail !: Mobile Movie Workshop” held in Ars Electronica 2008
Mahoramachine (2009)
Keitai Trail 2009, collaborated with Radio program for high school students of Nankai Broadcasting Co.,ltd in Ehime
Next Project (2009)
Keitai Trail 2009, collaborated with Radio program for high school students of Wakayama Broadcasting System Co.,Ltd. in Wakayama
Mell Nebula 2009
Nebula connected presenters and audiences of “Mell EXPO 2009”
Mell Nebula 2010
Nebula connected and overlooked the relation of exhibition presenters of “Mell EXPO 2010”
Medifes Nebula 2010
Nebula overlooked and reconnected the people participated “Medifes”, an annual festival to gather and network citizen media in Japan.
Community Collaboration Center of Aichi Shukutoku Univeristy
Partner Organization of “Media Conte 2008 in Kani”
A study of the transformation of urban communities under the forces of globalization, population diversity and new communication technologies, directed by Dr. Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach, Professor of Annenberg School fro Communication, USC
MELL Platz
A group of university researchers and media practitioners focuses on designing “Platz (Plaza)” for people interested in media expression, learning and literacy.

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