“Keitai Trail !” Coming Very Soon in Linz

After intensive preparation for a couple of months, team members of “Keitai Trail !”, Kiyoko Toriumi, Jun Abe, Tatsuo Sugimoto, Yuri Tanaka, Masako Miyata, Kosuke Numa and Sumaru Niida are going to leave Japan to the city of Linz, Austria to exhibit the workshop, “Keitai Trail !: Mobile Movie Workshop” at “Campus 08” of the Ars Electronica 2008 from September 4 to 10.
Well… I am so sorry that, this time, I will not be able to go to Linz with them.2008_08_06 14_46_0001.jpg2008_08_06 15_43_0003.jpg2008_08_17 9_43_0002.jpg
We are still preparing cultural programs and technological systems but are sure to show you the online presentation, “Online Keitai Trail !” soon. During the preparatory process, we have found many ideas such as the fundamental connection between travel culture and mobile culture especially in the historical context of Japan.
2008_08_17 9_53_0001.jpgのサムネール画像
Those who will visit Ars Electronica 2008 ! Please try to contact “Keitai Trail !” workshoppers and participate in mobile movie shooting and presentation.
It MUST be so playful and reflective experience!

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