9/4~9 “Keitai Trail!” Workshop in ARS Electronica(Linz, Austria)

We are holding a workshop in ARS Electronica, one of the best media art festivals hold annualy in Linz, Austria, during Thu 4 to Tue 9 of September.
[Abstract of the workshop]
Keitai Trail!: Mobile Video Workshop by “Media Exprimo”
This workshop discovers possibilities of collaborative media expressions among general people. In this workshop, we will collect “keitai” (mobile phone in Japanese) video clips from participants, and make collaborative slide shows on screens. There will be “keitai video shooting” team wearing Japanese traditional travel clothes asking for people to be video-shooted. Please be prepared for our workshop!
This workshop aims to connect general people and media artists not only around Ars Electronica but also in the city of Linz. It will also try to explore a new way of mobile phone usage: from an information transmitting machine to people’s media expression.

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    This is an amazing project. It is such an exciting form of what we are calling “participatory learning” and I would like this opportunity to extend an invitation to your readers and others to think about applying for the $2 Million Digital Media and Learning Competition: http://www.dmlcompetition.net. The focus is participatory learning
    Deadline: October 15, 2008. We have a pilot international program this year, with twelve countries eligible to apply, and JAPAN is one of those countries eligible for the Innovation in Participatory Learning Awards ($30,000-$250,000). Full information at: http://www.dmlcompetition.net “Participatory learning” is broadly defined–using new digital media for sharing ideas or planning, designing, or implementing goals together. (You can find out about last year’s winners at http://hub.dmlcompetition.net/ ) Thank you so much. And congratulations on your wonderful project.


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