8-11/8 NORDMEDIA 2013 in Oslo

I will do a presentation in the temporary division of mobile media and communication, NORDMEDIA 2013 in Oslo, Norway, August 8 to 11. After the workshop, ‘Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence’ in the mid Finland, I will move to Sweden and will arrive at Oslo.
I am happy to find this inter-Nordic conference of media, journalism and communication researches, will celebrates its 40 years anniversary.

I am also looking forward to meeting Mr. Aske Dam, Dr. Mikko Villi, Dr. Gitte Stald and other nordic friends again.

スクリーンショット 2013-07-12 14.50.30

The title of the paper is “Comikaruta: A practical and critical examination of mobile media play for civic engagement in Japan”, written by Dr. Kiyoko Toriumi of the University of Tokyo and me. The “Comikaruta” project is a communal card game with one photograph and one short poet message. This is one of  mobile media plays for civic engagement, designed and implemented by the  transdisciplinary research members of Shin Mizukoshi laboratory and it’s related groups. I am curious how will be the reaction of the Nordic researchers to this vernacular digital folk art.

Our presentation will be somewhere in August 9th.


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