Dec. 4, In-between: Cultivating collective community knowing through collaborative arts-based research, storytelling and performance

Laurel Hart provided a brief introduction to the concepts of arts-based research, participatory and relational art, and participatory action research. A brief overview of the Hart’s creative productions served as the basis for a discussion and further exploration of the potential (and problems) of knowledge making within interdisciplinary settings, and across/between the boundaries of institutions and environments, including the contemporary art world, the community, and the university.


The works presented include: Night Lights (, a web-based and location specific collaborative “DIY” work, where LED lit posters sharing life lessons were posted throughout the Montreal neighbourhood of Mile End; Identity in Hand (, which explores anonymity, identity, story and community on public transit, and two performative works, the Living City ( and Wade in the Water (

The artist/presenter has several new international artistic exchange projects presently underway (still in the early stages), and is looking for collaborators from Tokyo and Japan who are interested in co-organizing or participating.

If you are interested to learn more, please contact her at; her website is

(Laurel Hart: International Fellow of iii, UTokyo)

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