Dec.12: Meeting with Danish Journalists&Students

The Biotope Salon meeting on December 12, 2013 was devoted to the meeting with Danish students at Journalism school who are now receiving on-the-job training in Danish Broadcasting and Danish national radio.
The meeting were organized by professor Shin Mizukoshi and Dr. Iwona Merklejn (an international research fellow in Shin Mizukoshi Lab, originally from Poland, Nicolaus Copernicus University). It was a rare opportunity to share knowledge and opinions regarding East Asian as well as Northern European media environment.

Professor Shin Mizukoshi briefly introduced to Danish students currently undergoing shifts in Japanese media biotope, mostly in terms of mass media and mobile communication. He presented how the network of few Japanese mass media and telecommunication corporations has performed oligopolistic power in the Galapagos like media environment that it has built up and how the current sociotechnical changes both on a local scale and on a global scale are challenging the existing network. The presentation was followed by meaningful time of discussion. The discussion was largely divided into three parts.

Japan's Mass Media in "55 regime" has been changing...

Japan’s Mass Media in “55 regime” has been changing…
(Drawn by Shin Mizukoshi)

First, we talked about the online User Created Contents (UCC) in Japan. Taking Hatsune Miku and Niconico Douga as examples, we discussed about two conflicting characteristics of Japanese UCC ecosystem, the expending user participation and on-going pressure of commercialization.


“Serious” discussion at the Izakaya “Chimney” near to the Hongo campus

Second, we shared East Asian and Danish stories about the independency of mass media. We made it clear that both Japan and Denmark share a similar legal environment prospectively reforming the relationship between national governments and mass media. Moreover, thanks to Yi-Ren Lin (a Ph.D. student of GSII in the University of Tokyo, originally from Taiwan), we were able to talk about how increasing influences of Chinese capitals on Taiwanese media affect the independency of media ecosystem.

Finally, the discussion was also focused on the news subscription through the Internet. While Danish newspaper companies are actively making use of the Internet in order to deal with the decreased number of offline subscriptions, their efforts are mainly concentrated on operating companies’ own online news sites; online news portals such as Yahoo in Japan and Daum in Korea, in which a user can access to and compare news articles from various individual media companies, are not prevalent in Denmark. We discussed about the advantages and disadvantages about the two different systems.

After the meeting, we continued our discussion at the Izakaya “Chimney” near Hongo San Chome Station. The discussion with drinking was really fruitful and we exchanged our opinions about each country’s journalist education system and other various topics.
(Joonwoo Son: International research student of the GSII)

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